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Important notes call for a special notebook.

Set of 3 A4 notebooks with 60 sheets each, dotted sheet tear-off line and spiral binding. Your irreplaceable ally for taking notes.

On the cover, famous quotes by Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King and Jackson Brown JR.

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Each notebook is made of the highest quality 120 g/m² paper. You can therefore write on both sides of the page without the ink seeping through.

Thick but flexible cover with famous quotes by:

  • Albert Einstein: “C’è una forza motrice più forte del vapore, dell’elettricità e dell’energia atomica: la volontà
  • H. Jackson Brown Jr.: “La migliore preparazione per domani è fare il tuo meglio oggi”
  • Martin Luther King: “Non hai bisogno di vedere l’intera scalinata. Inizia semplicemente a salire il primo gradino.”

Technical details for individual notebook

  • A4 squared notebook with margins
  • Perforated and dotted sheets for easy tearing
  • Smooth, white, 120 g/m² paper, for writing on both sides
  • 60 pages
  • 350 gram matt cover with spiral binding

Additional information

Weight 2,048 kg

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